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Induktive Energieübertragung
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Inductive Energy Transfer
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Regenerative Energien
Since 2012 I have been researching in the field of inductive energy transfer for electric vehicles. This research work led to a solution for a three-phase inductive energy transfer system which can be used in a large power range (Pdf-ThreePhase, Please click here!). Two implementations are the Charge Crawler, click here and the Charge Butler, click here. The solution currently allows transmission capacities of up to 20 kW and is ideal for charging electric cars in underground garages and parking lots. The sequential charging of the individual vehicles avoids peak loads and enables priority-controlled charging. The principle of the three-phase, symmetrical inductive energy transmission has been patented almost worldwide by the engineering office Duschl. (see Patent list here!) We are now offering these intellectual property rights for sale or licensing by interested companies.